DT1 Bluetooth call smart watch

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Smartwatch dt1


Keeps your fashion

1.8-inch high-definition screen | Rotary button
Bluetooth call | Password protection

Smartwatch dt1

8 reasons why choose us


Turn on the running function
in the APP,The APP will record
your next GPS movement track

AI intelligent
voice assistant

Double tap to wake up the
voice assistant Complete task
operation through AI voice assistant


Use the watch away from the
phone and it is an unique
watch definitely

HD screen

1.8INCH HD full screen,
Narrow frame design on all sides


Smart Watch/Watch Mode
Switch at any time

watch faces

Find more than 200+ watch faces
from the APP, amd DIY your
exclusive watch faces

Reduce power

Smart chip algorithm 2.0,
lower power consumption


Rich preset menus
to meet your need

Smartwatch dt1

All wonderful things present

3D curved glass, no boundary design, metal body.
In addition, diamond-like carbon coating technology
was introduced to the
watch to make the screen more scratch-resistant
and wear-resistant, greatly improving the service life

Smartwatch dt1

Full screen display

1.8INCH HD full screen, high pixel resolution
The narrow frame design on all sides refuses
to disturb the heavy black frame

Smartwatch dt1
View your performance on the watch

View more data analysis

GPS track

Turn on the running function in the APP,
the APP will record your nextGPS movement track,
accurately record every step of your mileage,
Calorie consumption data will be pushed to the
watch and stored for you to check

Smartwatch dt1

AI voice assistant

Double-tap to wake up the voice assistant,
completely free your handsComplete command
operation through AI voice assistant. It's quicker to
do it with your mouth, which is convenient and quick

Smartwatch dt1

Rotating crown

Reshaping the classic digital crown, turning tedious
operations into simplicity, making interaction simple and
natural. Every rotation can fit a deeply customized linear
motor, allowing you to achieve a leap-forward
improvement in your experience

Smartwatch dt1

Don't forget,
A watch should be used to
check the time as usual

Dual mode selection:
Smart watch/watch mode switch at any time,
independent clock, alarm setting,
Allows you to use it even when
you are away from your mobile phone.

Smartwatch dt1

Powerful performance

Professional advanced RTK8762D wearable chip,
intelligent algorithm,Exercise monitoring, etc.
Typical usage scenarios can last up to 7 days

Smartwatch dt1

Bluetooth call

Mobile phone synchronization
of frequently used contacts

Use high-fidelity waterproof speaker, Bluetooth hands-free call
Push to the watch in time when the phone calls

Smartwatch dt1

200+ watch faces

The watch faces market has 200+ personalized
dials for you to choose from.Not enough?
Then DIY your exclusive watch face from
the picture you like on the phone.

Smartwatch dt1

7 menu options

7 preset menu styles to satisfy diversified aesthetics.
There is always one that meets your habit.

Smartwatch dt1

My QR code

After the APP is bound with Alipay WeChat, you don’t
need to use your mobile phone anymore,
you can add friends and collect money with the QR code
with your wrist raise up.

Smartwatch dt1

Multi-sports mode

For you who like to exercise, we have prepared a variety
of sports modes and powerful sports-grade IP68 waterproof.
Whether you are enjoying sweating in the gym, or enjoying
the outdoors activities, if you like sports, then go, GO!

Smartwatch dt1

Free exercise

We advocate a more natural way of exercise, so that you
have no burden, safer and more effective insist on exercise,
has become our goal

Five minutes of easy running

Depending on your fitness level,
a customized running program will help you
cover the 5kilo with ease and avoid running injuries
and fatigue.

Sports monitoring

Five professional sensors accurate detection of mountaineering,
running, cycling, walking and other sports.

Smartwatch dt1

Menstrual period
intelligent management

Set the menstrual period time on the APP to obtain
the calendar of menstrual period length/cycle/length etc.
You can get the menstrual period reminder on the watch
interface; pre-menstrual reminder, menstrual precautions,
including precautions in the later period to remind
more effective management of women's physical health.

Smartwatch dt1

Heart rate monitoring

Support mobile phone synchronization heart rate
data detection, for you to find out the trend record
of heart rate beats when you are unwell, and to care
about your heart health.s

Smartwatch dt1

Sleep monitoring

In-depth analysis of sleep conditions in different
sleep stages at night,Help you maintain good sleep
habits and get better sleep

Smartwatch dt1

Bluetooth music

Connect the mobile phone to play the music on the watch,
up and down bottom, and pause playback
Free remote control, built-in speaker,
can make music sound through the watch

Smartwatch dt1

IP68 dustproof
and water-resistant

IP68 level is water-resistant and dustproof,
and the watch can be normal when washing hands or in rain

Smartwatch dt1

Make life more convenient,
Make work more efficient

Breathing exercise, message reminder, call rejection,
SMS reply, time alarm, mobile phone music control,
remote control of mobile phone photography,
stopwatch, countdown, mobile phone lookup,
weather forecast...

Smartwatch dt1

Is an all-weather health
management platform

The smart watch is connected to the newly
upgraded WearPro App.WearPro is an all-weather
health management platform,
Can record various sports and body state data

Smartwatch dt1


Chip RTK8762D
Screen 1.8TFT resolution 320*385
Battery 180mAh
Bluetooth 5.0
Strap width 20mm
Waterproof level IP68
Languages Languages: Simplified Chinese, English, German, Russian, Portuguese,Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic, Thai, French, Italian, Polish, Persian, Greek, Denmark, Traditional Chinese, Latin, Romania, Turkey,Hebrew, Czech Republic

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  • DT1 Bluetooth call smart watch

DT1 Bluetooth call smart watch

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