DT88 PRO Full round smartwatch

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Full-screen full-touch Gorilla Glass Crysta long battery life watch


All-New with Trendy color

Corning Gorilla Watch comes with a lightweight,

sturdy metal case and keys, and a smooth,

skin-friendly, durable Viton strap

Intelligent Touch-Screen
Colorful Strap
Long Battery Life
Powerful Processor
IP67 Waterproof
Health Monitoring


Ever-Changing Style

Redefining from the strap, the frame,

to the dial, bringing a variety of matching

solutions, All this, just want to add a touch

of exclusive color to you.

HD Large

Round Screen

Industry's first equipped with 1.3-inch HD touch

screen, Whether it's information, calls, dials or

health data, The status is displayed at any time.

Two straps

Sports · Street · Business

The stainless steel bezel has different textures,

classic black / fashion silver/rose gold.

With steel straps or silicone, fashion/business

can reflect your personality.

Rose gold

Pink Silicone Strap


Black Silicone Strap


White Silicone Strap

Metal steel strap

Rose Gold / Silver / Black

Massive Cool Dial

Fashion & Business

Youth、fashion、 business, All available.

Small And Stylish

New height of beauty

Street fashion design, perfect appearance

Sport Modes

Favorite Sports

Exercise Anytime

8 sports modes and IP67 waterproof. Whether you like

sweating in the gym or outdoors. Enjoy the sport and go!

Rope Skipping
Outdoor Cycling
Ping Pong

Maximum Oxygen Uptake

Professional Analysis Of

Multidimensional Data

In-depth analysis during and after exercise and so on

Keep you up to date with sports performance

Improve training effect scientifically.

Your health database

Get it in the app

Blood pressure and

oxygen monitoring

Real-time analysis of blood pressure, blood oxygen

Predict your physical condition in advance, and you can also

view more comprehensive

health data through

your mobile app

ECG Monitoring

ECG detects heart health, integrated with PPG + HRV to

measure accurate data, runs away from cumbersome

medical equipment, and display on your watch anytime,


Heart rate monitoring

Support mobile sync heart rate data detection, you can

discover in time and pay attention to your heart health.

Sleep monitoring

Intelligent sleep statistics

to help you sleep better

Your Equipment Spread

Your Personality

AI chip

Long battery life

With chip 52832, Bluetooth 5.0, 180mAh battery

and intelligent power consumption algorithm,

5 days for normal use.

Bluetooth music

After Bluetooth pairing, the

watch can control phone music

IP67 waterproof and dustproof

Support hand washing and raining to meet daily needs

*Note: Do not soak in water, or wear it while swimming or bathing

Please avoid contact with hot water,

hand sanitizer, soap and other corrosive liquids so as not to get the components damaged

The Specifications



Product Size:42*10.9mm

Package Size:143*115*36mm

Product Color: Silicone Strap; Black / Silver / Gold

Metal strap; black / silver / gold

Core specifications

Waterproof rating: IP67

Main chip model: Nordic NRF52832 (512Kb+64Kb)

battery capacity: 180 mAh

Screen Resolution: 1.3inch IPS 240x240

Bluetooth version: 5.0


Multi-sport mode tracking, heart rate / blood pressure

monitoring, phone message reminders,

Sleep monitoring, find phone, alarm clock, remote camera,

Sedentary reminder, stopwatch, blood oxygen monitoring,

brightness adjustment, support for OTA upgrade,

Multi-dial, etc.

  • DT88 PRO Full round smartwatch

DT88 PRO Full round smartwatch

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