Affiliates Program

Affiliates Program

A good news to our fans, we are going to build a Affiliate program, if you are interested in our products, and want to share with your friends, in this situation,you could use our affiliate program– Share and get some commissions, choose one of version 1 or version 2.

Commissions Rules (Beta Version 1)

1. $2 per 100 Visitors(every month). Visitors more than 800, $4 per 100(more than 800 visitor part, from 801) Visitors

2. The cost is settled on the 5th of each month.(paypal only)

3. As a test version, we set a commission limit of $100 per month for each member; last 3 month fees $100/month, will cannel commission limit, you can get full commission.

4. Join first 2 months, double commission.

Commissions Rules (Beta Version 2)

1, Affiliate traffic could exchange coupon code(if you need products only), coupon code use in Aliexpress:
(2.1: 100 Visitors(total Visitors in 2 months, 2.1-2.7 the same) 30% off coupon code.
(2.2: 200 Visitors 40% off coupon code.
(2.3: 300 Visitors 50% off coupon code.
(2.4: 400 Visitors 70% off coupon code.
(2.5: 600 Visitors 100% off coupon code.
(2.6: 1000 Visitors 100% off coupon code $20.
(2.7: More in the future…

Warning! Don’t use any method to cheat us, if we find anyone deceiving us, we’ll remove his account and block his registration.

If you are one of affiliates already, login here:

How use Affiliate

1, Use special link to promotion, for example your affiliate ID is “2”, and you want landing page , you can use such link, Our affiliate program will record Visitors from your special link.

What is new in NO.1 Smartwatch

  1. Free NO.1 Smartwatch Straps:, share this customers like and need free extra straps.
  2. NO.1 G9, MTK2503 waterproof sport smartwatch, our next smartwath
  3. Android smartwatch D5 pro giveaway in facebook, share and get commission
  4. First GPS, Real time temperature smartwatch band NO.1 F5:
  5. Discount and free gift:
  6. New rugged smartwatch F7, giveaway in official webpage:

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