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Frequently Asked Questions

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    1. Is the heart rate/Blood Pressure/Blood Oxygen Monitor accurate? Why I measured an object can still get a value?

    It is the phenomenon that all smart watches will have. All measurements depend on sensors and algorithms and have certain errors. Smart watches measure heart rate mainly through photosensitive sensors, which receive light reflected from the arm skin and convert it into heart rate through algorithms.

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    2. Can heart disease patients use its measured value as a reference?

    We do not recommend. Because at present, the measured value of watches on the market cannot reach the medical standard, and can only be used as a daily health reference, not as a medical reference.

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    3. Is the watch waterproof? Can I wear it to take a shower or swim?

    It is just life waterproof, please do not wear it while taking a shower or swimming.

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    4. How to change the time of my device?

    Please synchronize the device with your phone through bluetooth to calibrate time.

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    5. Does the watch support installing extra watchface?

    No, it doesn't..

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    6. Why can't my watch get connected with the app?

    please don't connect the watch with the phone firstly, otherwise you will not find the bluetooth on the APP. the APP is main platform to connect. Go to the APP and connect on the APP.
    a. If you can't search for Bluetooth, please check the watch Bluetooth and network if it is normal and if the watch is connected to other devices (the unconnected icon shows white, the connection shows blue successfully), and you can see it after pulling down the watch.
    b. If the search or connection is not successful, most of them are mobile phone network and Bluetooth problems, connect more times, or wait a while to reconnect.
    c. Be sure to connect on the app. if connecting on the settings, go to the app and you can't find WATCH Bluetooth.
    d. For the Apple mobile phone to disconnect the app Bluetooth, it needs to be set to disconnect the Bluetooth on the settings, otherwise the Bluetooth is still connected by the mobile phone..

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    7. Why can't receive information or reminder?

    a. When the watch does not receive the information, check if the Bluetooth connection is successful and the network is normal. If it is normal, you can disconnect the Bluetooth to reconnect or restore the factory settings.
    b. Every time you open the app, it shows that you are connecting and then syncing is normal.
    c. Sedentary reminder, raise your hand to brighten, do not disturb mode unified by mobile app.
    d. Apple mobile app connection needs to wait for the pairing program to jump out and then click to agree. If the app is not connected successfully, it will not receive information and calls.

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    8. How to deal with when receiving the broken watch ?

    Please turn to the seller for help. Please contact their customer service for a refund or replacement. thanks for the understanding.

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    9. Where can I download the APP to use the watch?

    You can simply find them on Google Play or App store by searching the APP name.

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    10. Where can I buy the smartwatch for personal use?

    You can buy them on Aliexpress, Gearbest or bangood and other platform.

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    11. Do your smartwatch support battery replacement?

    Sorry, our smartwatch don't support battery replacement.

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