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Full screen


Large screen

Sharpest vision

1.75" retina HD display, high pixels
make clear visual

Retina HD
large screen

Advanced parts

1.75 inch

Screen size


420*485 resolution

Image engine

Strong and wide gamut


The entire black background
interface is integrated with the
frame Pure black effect similar
to AMOLED display.


Round corner
full screen

The carefully made anti-fingerprint
mineral oil glass 2.5D mirror
surface interprets the aesthetics
of modern craftsmen.

Follow My Trend

Equipped with 3 kinds of bezel straps
And a variety of cool dials
Suitable for various occasions.

Cool dial Free choice

Rich dials meet different requirements
Can be matched
Show your personality trend

Bluetooth call
Mobile phone synch

Use high-fidelity waterproof speakers
Whether you are exercising or driving,
make a call anytime

make calls

the phone book


Sync caller

message reminder
Smart assistant

After Bluetooth connection, it supports
incoming calls, message reminder,
Don’t worry about missing any message:
It also supports sedentary reminder
to change your bad habits.

IP67 waterproof

IP67 waterproof and dustproof,
it can be used normally when washing hands,
rainy days.

*Note: Do not immerse in water, or wear it when swimming or bathing
Please take care to prevent corrosive liquids such as hand sanitizer and
soap from entering the watch and causing component damage.

24-hour heart
rate monitoring

Support 24-hour heart rate detection to
discover abnormal heart rate beats when
you are unwell, and care more about
your heart health.

ECG monitoring

ECG monitoring assesses heart health,
integrates PPG + HRV measurement
technology, and can monitor anytime,

Blood pressure

Real-time blood pressure monitoring
You can predict your physical condition
in advance, and you can view more
complete health data through the mobile APP.

Sports data analysis

Monitor your exercise status in real time
Record all sports data at any time
Assist you to complete the necessary
daily exercise.

Life assistant

Connect via Bluetooth

Music playback
Operate the mobile phone

Through monitoring
Analyze the different sleep stage

Sleep monitoring
Pay attention to your
sleep quality
every night

Fast calculation
Solve arithmetic problems at any time

Simple calculations
at any time

Quick tips, convenient operation
Easy to use, one step faster

Quick operation

Support more
Similar straps

More features

Product specifications

Watch size: 43.4*36.4mm
Watch thickness: 10.5mm
Watch weight 36.4g (tape)
Strap width: 20mm
Display: 1.75 inch
Processor: MTK 2502
Bluetooth: 4.2
Battery capacity: 260mAh
Color: Black/silver/pink

*All the above data are from the company's laboratory data. Depending on the environment*

  • DT36 Products

DT36 Products

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