DT 93 Rectangular watch

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smart watch 44mm

Anytime, anywhere contacting

8 reasons choosing

Bluetooth call

Answer and make calls
directly on the watch

Hyperboloid screen

1.78-inch full-screen

Both engines, full power

40 hours use

Sports health assistant

Exercise, heart rate, all-around monitoring

MP3 music

BUILT-IN 512 MB can hold dozens of songs

ECG monitoring

ECG monitoring anytime, anywhere

Customize watch faces

Customize your own dial

IP67 waterproof

Daily life waterproof

Note: 1.78” display, 40-hours use, 7-days standby, IP67 waterproof

Personalized dial for switching

Download from app, custom dial, for your style.

7 sports modes

Walking / Running / Climbing / Yoga
Elliptical machine / Cycling, Basketball





Bluetooth call
phone syncing

Waterproof Speaker, Bluetooth call
Phone calls pushing to watch One key answer.

Anytime, anywhere to listen

Built-in 512mb large memory

Hyperboloid flexible screen

Hyperbolic flexible 3D curved surface design

Hyperboloid screen

Flagship configuration


Screen size

326 PPi

420*485 Resolution

Graph engine

Strong broad gamut

Two-engine power,
no battery anxiety

Bluetooth call, heart rate, sleep management, 90 minutes exercise ,
working per day, Actual battery life depends on personal use.


Heart rate

Bluetooth call

Note: Battery Life is affected by a variety of factors.

Luxury materials,
Exquisite workmanship

Handcrafted, 48 CNC process molding, alloy case,
anti-fingerprint processing, mineral glass 2.5 d mirror

Quick Tips

Quick tips for smart watches tailored to the exclusive system.

Creative dials

Fresh every day fun

Customize watch faces

Take photos with your mobile phone and customize the
watch face through AI to make you unique.

One-key quick-release,
replace more strap

One-key quick release to easily replace more straps,
suitable for any occasion.

Free exercise

We advocate a more natural way of exercise, so that you
have no burden, safer and more effective insist on exercise,
has become our goal

Note: Training Assistant should be used in conjunction with mobile APP

Five minutes of easy exercise

The 5-minute course includes waking up in the morning, whole
body activation, sedentary relaxation, rapid burning of fat, and
sleep relaxation. Take advantage of fragmentation time, both at
home and in the office, to get back to your state quickly.

Five minutes of easy running

Depending on your fitness level, a customized running program
will help you cover the 5kilo with ease and avoid running injuries
and fatigue.

Pre-run customized
professional running program

After running to provide
support recovery advice

Sports monitoring

Five professional sensors accurate detection of mountaineering,
running, cycling, walking and other sports.

Ambient Light Sensor

Geomagnetic sensor

Barometric sensor

Accelerometer and gyroscope

Capacitance and heart rate sensors

24-hour heart rate monitoring

Support 24-hour monitoring of your heart rate status, for you to
find the body in a timely manner when the abnormal heartbeat,
more concern about your heart health

Blood pressure

Analyze blood pressure flow in real time,
display blood pressure in real time, predict
your health in advance, and view more
comprehensive health data through a mobile APP.


Oxygenation is the concentration of oxygen in
the blood, which is an important physiological
parameter of the respiratory and circulatory system,
and has important reference significance for the
diagnosis of respiratory system and sleep
related diseases.

*Data and results reference only, not for medical treatment*

Mention Oxygenation status

ECG monitoring

Integration of PPG + HRV measurement technology

Transfer your health database
through the app

Taking care of your health on your phone, allows you to quickly match watches and offer more exercise and health services. With your permission, watch-side monitoring of your exercise health data will be synced to the fitness APP to tailor your Exercise Health Improvement Plan.

Note: Searching for the FitCloudPro app in the main app store or by scanning the
QR code on the manual to downloaded

Product specification

Colorful personality ▪ As you like

Screen: 1.78IPS two-way curved color screen
Wristband material: Silicone and Leather
Waterproof: IP67
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
Charging: Contact
Battery: 230mAh
Watch color: Black/Silver /God
Accessories: Bracelet, wristband, manual, charging line.
Funcions: Bluetooth Call,MP3 player,multi-movement mode tracking, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, ECG monitor, Phone & message reminder, sleep monitor,find phone, alarm clock,remote photo sedentary reminder, Stopwatch, brightness adjustment, rich personality dial

*All the above data are from the company's laboratory data, may vary due to environmental factors.*

  • DT 93 Rectangular watch

DT 93 Rectangular watch

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