DT58 PRO Rectangular watch

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Full-screen full-touch Gorilla Glass Crysta long battery life watch

DT58 Pro

Accurate body

temperature bracelet

The measured data are for reference only, not as a medical basis

24-hour accurate

temperature monitoring

We equipped the bracelet with a high-precision temperature sensor, which reached the level of 0.1°C for accurate detection. We can also view the historical data of automatic temperature measurement in the app and customize the automatic measurement interval

*The measured data are for reference only, not as a medical basis

Thermometer on your wrist

under 18-32 degree,provide an accurrate body temperature


bring you and your family a health care

Lift wrist

at your forehead

That's simple of the measurement

Powerful features

Real-time heart rate blood pressure test

Track and reveal your blood pressure with DT58 of Blood Pressure feature to give you guidance on your health.Check your blood pressure data from Hplus app’s Blood Pressure Map to get insights to your health status.

The device is not intended for medical purpose.

Photoelectric Sensor

DT58, using the industry’s first HRV photoelectric detection

technology integrated with PPG + HRV measurement to collect

heart rate variability and evaluate your heart health status.

Easily track the photoelectric waveforms with hands-on DT58,

without cumbersome medical equipment to keep your life simple.

The device is not intended for medical purpose. Please go to the hospital for inspection if an abnormality is detected.

Customizable clockfaces

Chose with a variety of clock faces on the Hplus

app to display on DT58 fitness tracker

Multi-sports mode

7 major exercise modes: outdoor running, walking, basketball, football,

cycling, city running,mountain climbing

Water resistant: ip68 is water

resistant to 10 meters

After swimming or getting the band wet, we recommend drying the band because,

as with any wearable device, it's best for your skin if the band is clean and dry.

We do not recommend wearing ip68 in a hot tub or sauna. 

Weather altitude

air pressure ultraviolet light

There’s no limit to exercise, whether you working inside

the office or doing exercises outdoor, you can always check the current city weather

altitude, air pressure, ultraviolet data report with DT28

to better act on your outdoor fitness goal

To activate the above features, you’ll need to connect DT58 with Hplus app on your phone.

Guided breathing sessions

DT58 helps you find moments of calm and relax throughout

your day with personalized guided breathing sessions based

on your heart rate

With variety features in one app

records all your tracking data

Strong hardware


Carbon fiber design

High-grade materials, soft and comfortable

Product specifications

Screen display1.14 inches 135*240 resolution

Main chipNordic nrf52832

Band length24.8cm


Battery capacity120mAh


Strap materialCarbon fiber silicone strap


Product weight25.6g

Life time 5-7 days , standby for 20 days

Charging method

Removable strap USB charging

Scene application

Leisure, sports, business

Scenario shows

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  • DT58 PRO Rectangular watch

DT58 PRO Rectangular watch

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