DT94 Rectangular watch

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Smartwatch dt94


Business & Sports,
switch at any time

Smartwatch dt94

My mode follow my heart

Business mode
Switch to
Sports mode

The other watches can change the strap only , but l can transform

Smartwatch dt94

Smart Watch

Interpreting the trend
the choice of personality

Smartwatch dt94

Narrow bezel screen centered
The flagship screen in the watch

2.8mm narrow frame, no chin design, screen-to-body
ratio up to 91.18%,320X385 high-definition resolution

Full screen

Flagship configuration

1.78 inches

Screen size

326 PPI

320*385 resolution

Image engine

Strong wide color gamut

1.78 narrow border
HD 320*385

Similar products

1.75 inch 240X285
Small screen ratio
Big chin

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1.69 inch
low definition 240X285
Not clear

Smartwatch dt94

It features the functions
of a flagship watch.

1.78 inches, 326 ppi screen

The same retina level as the flagship watch.

24-hour heart rate monitoring

Blood oxygen saturation monitoring,
sleep quality monitoring.
Its health protection functions have redefined the
flagship watch.

Professional sports mode

Motion detection is more accurate, thanks to
the powerful sensor.

New smart watch model,
you can expect more.

Smartwatch dt94

Borderless design, thin and light

IP68 waterproof

Health monitoring

Multiple sports modes

Bluetooth music playback

Bluetooth call

7 days long daily use


Smartwatch dt94

Shining like a star, full-scale presentation.

Finely crafted 3D curved glass, the body curve is elegant.
We have also introduced diamond-like carbon coating
technology, making the screen scratch-resistant and
wear-resistant, and a longer service life.

Smartwatch dt94

Bluetooth call

Synchronize your contacts on your phone

Use high-fidelity waterproof speaker,
Bluetooth hands-free call,
Push to the watch in time when the phone calls,
One-click answering makes communication more convenient.

Smartwatch dt94


Carry out the transformation to the end,
highlight your individual style

Rich preset dial + exquisite dial market
Meet the diverse needs of users.

Smartwatch dt94

Being able to customize
the dial is really smart

Custom your dial through App,
or transfer photos taken by mobile phone via Bluetooth ,
Making your dial background more stylish and beautiful.

Smartwatch dt94

Well selected materials
and exquisite craftsmanship

48-processes CNC molding alloy case, anti-fingerprint
Strengthened processing , mineral glass 3D mirror.

Smartwatch dt94

More Menu Style

Rich preset menu to satisfy your aesthetics need
List menu,icon menu, honeycomb menu, rotating menu
With Transformers Strap
there is always one for you in any occasion

Smartwatch dt94

Long-lasting battery life

Deep-optimized system battery management,
7 days long battery life is still lasted even
after a full performance upgrade.
Say goodbye to the battery anxiety.

Daily use actual battery life

Keep Bluetooth call , heart rate monitoring on ,
scientific sleep mode at night ,
Exercise an average of 90 minutes a week.

Basic watch mode

Turn off the phone's Bluetooth connection,
heart rate and other functions,
Screen prompt 100 times a day.

Bluetooth call

Multi-sport mode

Smartwatch dt94

IP68 waterproof

Hard shell and durable PUR strap PLUS IP68 waterproof,
Ensure professional sports performance.

* Caution: Do not soak in water and do not wear it while swimming or bathing.
Keep away from hot water, hand sanitizer, soap and other corrosive liquids
to avoid damaging components.

Smartwatch dt94

Multi-sports mode,
your favorite sports
to practice at anytime

Exclusive Multi-sport Mode

Whether sweating in the gym or enjoying the sun outdoors,
Take your watch and enjoy it as you want!

Smartwatch dt94

sports analysis

Day after day, you will learn more
about exercise, and your sport
become more professional.

During the exercise, you can check your exercise
time and Calories consumption at any time.
You can monitor the changes of movement
stride, movement speed and heart rate.

Smartwatch dt94

Blood oxygen saturation monitoring

Equipped with a newly upgraded bio-tracking
optical sensor, which can monitor blood oxygen

Smartwatch dt94

Blood pressure monitoring,
training to relax your breath

Support blood pressure test, your blood pressure
status is just in a glance,Get comfortable and
recover in time through breathing training.

Smartwatch dt94

24-hour heart rate monitoring

Heart rate monitoring 24 hours every day,
[Heart rate monitoring] and [High heart rate warning]
Real time updates about your body status.

Smartwatch dt94

ECG monitoring

If you found chest pain, chest tightness, palpitations,
suffocation and other symptoms, as one of the
common used clinical examination methods ,
PPG+ECG technology is sports lover's ideal choice. 

Smartwatch dt94

Sleep monitoring

Accurately monitor sleep stages, deep sleep,
light sleep, rapid eye movement period,
or taking a nap, perform sleep quality
analysis to help you adjust to a higher quality sleep.

Smartwatch dt94

Female menstrual cycle reminder

Female menstrual cycle reminder period
and ovulation period can be recorded,
Warm reminders during menstruation,
breathing exercise reminder is a PLUS,
Same function can be used to practice Yoga.

*The above monitoring data and results are for reference only, not the basis for diagnosis and treatment.*

Smartwatch dt94

Make life more convenient,
make work more efficient

Breathing exercise, message reminder, call rejection,
time alarm,Mobile phone music control remote
control mobile phone camera, stopwatch, countdown,
find mobile phone,Weather forecast...

Smartwatch dt94

Is an all-weather health
management platform

The smart watch is connected to the newly
upgraded WearPro App.WearPro is an all-weather
health management platform,
Can record various sports and body state data

Product specification

Chip RTL8762
Screen 1.78’TFT , Resolution 320*385
Size 37.2*44.3*10.2mm
Battery 200mAh
Bluetooth 4.2
Strap width 20mm
Waterproof level IP68
Smartwatch dt94

*All the above data are from our company's laboratory data, which may be different due to environment*

  • DT94 Rectangular watch

DT94 Rectangular watch

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