DT55 Smartwatch

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Smartwatch DT55

Business sports smart watch

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Smartwatch DT55

6 reasons to choose

HD resolution

1.3-inch full circle HD display
Broader vision and more
detailed display.

Sports data

Smart coach on the wrist, accurately
record sports data, analyze and
improve your Exercise

7 days long battery life

Equipped with 230 mAh battery
capacity, more than one week.

Bluetooth music

Connect your watch and phone
via Bluetooth
Control phone music playback

Health monitoring

Equipped with optical sensors and
intelligent processors for 24-hour
health monitoring.

IP67 waterproof

IP67 waterproof and dustproof
can be worn in daily hand washing
and rainy days

Smartwatch DT55

All in one
Interpretation of
superb craftsmanship

Large HD screen, smoother touch and more details display
Made of tempered glass, with the cutting process
to interpret the beauty of the process,
Material, design, craftsmanship, all rigorous and superb.

Smartwatch DT55

Artificial intelligence
Long battery life

Intelligent chip pedometer algorithm,
Inheriting classic performance and innovative battery life,
With smart heart rate for efficient operation

Smartwatch DT55

Long battery life,
don't worry about the battery

Wear it all day long, the heart rate is always on,
Scientific sleep, with an average of 90 minutes of exercise per week
Open the message notification, bright screen hundreds of times
Actual battery life depending on personal use.

30 Hour
Sports scene

24 Hour
Heart rate monitoring

100 Hour
General scene

Note: Actual battery life depending on personal use.

Smartwatch DT55

Business · Sports

The combination of traditional
watches and smart watches

Available in 2 styles: silicone strap and steel strap

Smartwatch DT55

Fashionable cool dial
Switch freely

Rich dial to meet diverse aesthetics
Show your personality trend as you like

Smartwatch DT55

Follow my trend

You can choose a universal 22mm strap to replace more straps,
Whether it is sports, daily or important occasions,
One second quick replacement allows you to quickly switch different styles.

Smartwatch DT55

Professional sports data analysis
Let you understand sports

Exercise state combined with various data to judge the effectiveness
of your training,Provide a reference for your next exercise

Smartwatch DT55

Multi-sport mode

Let's go,
Support walking/riding/climbing/basketball/football
Provide algorithms for each mode, with multiple professional sensors,
Record body data, scientific analysis, effectively improve exercise

Smartwatch DT55

Health monitoring
Show your physical condition

Pay attention to your health, sleep, blood pressure/blood oxygen
Can be quickly monitored anytime, anywhere,
to help you understand the current state of the body

Smartwatch DT55

24-hour heart rate monitoring
Keep healthy all day long

Using optical heart rate, combined with intelligent heart rate algorithm
Whether it is resting or sports can be accurately monitored
You can see the daily heart rate curve and protect your physical and mental health.

*Monitoring data is for reference only,
not for medical use*

Smartwatch DT55

Sleep monitoring
Scientific sleep records

Monitor sleep quality throughout
Analyze sleep data in real-time and evaluate sleep quality.
Accurately identify sleep problems at all stages to help you improve sleep quality

Smartwatch DT55

Message push

Receive various information in real-time

Smartwatch DT55

IP67 waterproof and dustproof

IP67 waterproof and dustproof
can be worn in daily hand washing and rainy days

*Note: Do not soak in water, or wear it while swimming or bathing
Please avoid contact with hot water,
hand sanitizer, soap and other corrosive liquids so as not to get the components damaged

Smartwatch DT55

Colorful personality·As you like

Product specification

screen size: 1.3 IPS 240*240
Wristband material: Silicone/steel strap
Waterproof: IP67
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2
Charging method: Magnetic
Battery capacity: 230mAH
Features: Multi-sport tracking, heart-rate/blood pressure monitoring, Phone & information reminder, sleep monitoring, find mobile phone, alarm clock, remote control camera, Sedentary reminder, stopwatch, blood oxygen monitoring, brightness adjustment, Rich personality dial...

*All the above data are from our laboratory data, depending on the environment*

Smartwatch DT55 Smartwatch DT55 Smartwatch DT55 Smartwatch DT55

  • DT55 Smartwatch

DT55 Smartwatch

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