DT68 Smartwatch

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Glass Crystal design dial Long life Large RAM Smartwatch

Smart Watch DT68

AI Smart Big Data Watch

Full circle touch screen

Brand-new smart

HD color display screen

IP68 waterproof

Durable life

Multisport mode

Health management

Information synchronization

Smart Watch DT68

Massive cool dials in a variety
of styles

Dozens of styles of exquisite dials to choose from
to meet your needs in different occasions,
Change your dial to make you different every day

Smart Watch DT68

HD Resolution full touch screen

Round HD full touch screen, experience the the pleasure of free control

Full touch screen

Large viewing angle

HD resolution

Round screen

Smart Watch DT68

Gorilla Glass Crystal
316 steel bezel for the
tough challenge

Equipped with a sturdy 316 steel bezel, Gorilla Glass and a smooth,
skin-friendly, two-tone fluoroelastic strap for you to face big challenges

Smart Watch DT68

IP68 Waterproof

Exquisite craftsmanship, makes good waterproof
and dustproof performance
Not afraid of swimming, hand washing and rain

*Note: Can not be worn in hot water and sauna

Smart Watch DT68

ECG Detection

Heart health evaluation Fusion PPG+HRV to measure accurate data
Abandon cumbersome medical equipment and
display photoelectric waveforms through wristband measurement




Heart rate





(Note: ECG results on this watch are obtained by algorithm.
For medical purpose, please use professional equipment.)

Smart Watch DT68

Heart rate, blood pressure
and blood oxygen
big data management

Analysis of subcutaneous blood flow through green light sensor
LED lightreal-time display of heart rate, blood pressure and
blood oxygenPre-aware of your physical condition,
you can also view more comprehensive data through the mobile app.

Smart Watch DT68

9 Sports modes, enjoy sports!

Wrist smart coach, able to accurately record real-time heart rate, mileage,
pace, speed and other professional sports data
Help you analyze and improve your exercise level







Table tennis


Sports history

Unbelievable durable life
last up to a whole week

Using low-power chips to solve the traditional defects of
smart watch battery life
Large battery 230mAh, for business trip, travel and
camping can be without charger

Long standby for 50 days

Business or Sports, it's up to you

Equipped with soft and comfortable two-color fluoroelastomer Sports Strap
The appearance is not as dull as a traditional mechanical watch,
nor as exaggerated as a normal sports watch.
The overall design that is balanced is elegant and
unrestrained, whether it is in formal or casual wear.

Smart Watch DT68

Detachable design, custom wear style

You an buy a universal 22mm strap on the market for free replacement
without any tools
Match the dial style to help you navigate different
occasions to stand out from the crowd

Smart Watch DT68

Bluetooth music

Connect your phone, operate your phone, play music
Pause, Play, Previous, next

Smart Watch DT68

Message synchronization, call reminder

Bluetooth Connected with phone
Calls, information, QQ, WeChat, FACEBOOK and other information
will be displayed instantly
so that you don't miss any important information.

Call rejection , raise to wake

Call rejection

Raise to wake

Smart Watch DT68

Your personal assistant

Sedentary Reminder, Drinking Water Reminder,
Bluetooth Photographing,
Alarm reminders and other smart assistants
make your life much easier

Bluetooth photo

History record

WeChat Sports


Smart Watch DT68

Sleep monitoring
Vibrating alarm clock

Accurately monitor your different stages of sleep
Including deep sleep, light sleep, night waking
Scientific assessment of sleep quality,
Vibrating alarm clock,Wake up without disturbing
the person you love

Vibrating alarm clock

Operate smoothly than ever

Know your preferences. Know what you use.
When you need to use it,
just swipe and you can see what you want.

The main specifications

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Smart Watch DT68

  • DT68 Smartwatch

DT68 Smartwatch

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