S10 Smartwatch

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Smart Watch S10

Sport business smart watch

Multiple bands options Metalic smart watch

Smart Watch S10

The combination of traditional watch and smart watch

We salute traditional watch Live a better life by a blend of smart and tradition
Integrate these innovation into new design
Reinforce your personal taste to style and quality

Smart Watch S10

When classic design
met innovation

Effortless chic on different occasions
(eg:business and leisure)

Powerful configuration

High performance and efficiency
NRF52832QFAA chip
1.3 inch HD touch screen
low energy comsumption
Depth smart power management
350mah battery
One charge for 2 weeks use

Stainless steel bezel     Exquisite craftmanship

Circular multi-point touch screen     High definition of Corning glass screen
316 stainless steel vacumm coating 45 process 113 process to make it

Smart Watch S10

Multi sports mode

Sports science

Accurate data report of exercise calories
distance and pedometer Clear Velocity curve and sport data
A full grasp on the maximal oxygen uptake
training effect and recovery time

Smart Watch S10

Ip68 waterproof

Meet the IP68 waterproof demand of ISO:22810 :2010
It can be applied to shallow water areas such as swimming pool

Smart Watch S10

Photoelectric Sensor

using the industry’s first HRV photoelectric detection
technology integrated with PPG + HRV measurement to collect
heart rate variability and evaluate your heart health status.
Easily track the photoelectric waveforms with hands-on S10,
without cumbersome medical equipment to keep your life simple.

The device is not intended for medical purpose. Please go to the hospital for inspection if an abnormality is detected.

Smart Watch S10

Heart rate and Blood pressure
Protect your health all the time

Adopt global image sensor and innovative optical structure
A new heart rate algorithm based on AI More accurate
Real time heart rate monitor

Multi functional app

Customize your personal training according to your physical health
It provides advice on scientific fitness and workout plan

Smart Watch S10

Define fashion in every
Stylish moment

Stylish and versatile design Express your personality and taste

You can mix and match your style by various bands
on different occasions such as daily life leisure time and sports

Detachable design

No need for other tools Easy to change

Smart Watch S10

More functions

Live a easy life

Smart Watch S10


Smart Watch S10
Compatible os IOS / Android Product weight 53 g(leather band watch)
110g (stainless steel band watch)
Chip Nordic NRF52832QFAA Screen resolution 240*240
Sensor Gsensor:BMA253 APP Hplus
Bluetooth 4.2 Battery capacity 350mAh
Waterproof IP68 Charge Magnetic charge
Craftsmanship Plastic and stainless steel    
  • S10 Smartwatch

S10 Smartwatch

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